How To Build a Support Trifecta

Strong and self-sufficient, I started building my big wall of independence years ago. If I made it solid enough it would prove I would never need help. I could do everything and anything on my own, and the wall would never be broken. Because, it was just me and my son, and I was for the first time ALL ON MY OWN. Who the hell was I kidding! My quest for being Miss independent has come with a boatload of stubbornness, and perhaps what I tend to counter as strong will.

This is my last 2015 blog, and as I look back on my year, my circle of support has been my foundation, and once again reminds me how important it is to lean on your network and never be too stubborn to ask for help. There is a winning combination, the trifecta of go to’s, social support, and a one tried and true confidant. The depth and substance of these were kicked up a notch this year, and have been growing over time. I have even more of an appreciation and realization of how the combined three are key, and there is always more to add to the mix, but for now this is the core:

Go To’s – At the drop of a hat will help with anything. Daily, weekly monthly, I am leaning on my Go To’s. Got a Christmas tree that needs to go up? Dad to the rescue! Sick? Mom makes home-made soup. Need one precious hour to put in some running miles. Where’s my go to? Sometimes these gems even read your mind, and just DO without you having to say GO. Very scary!

Social Support – Don’t let this one be misconceived for social network interaction. I am talking about real experiences, conversations and connections with like-minded people. Even better, seek out those that make you see the world with a new perspective, expose you to new adventures and quite simply make you happy.

Confidant – Safe Zone – One person you can tell anything to without judgment, or even better will provide a hard reality check. Find more than one confidant and your mental health will sky-rocket, or at least the weight of the world will lighten, even if it’s just for a moment.

Wise confidant once told me…

You are only as successful as the people who you choose to surround yourself with (even though my old inner miss independent would say otherwise). So this is a big thank you to my trifecta, my perfect mix, there when I need them and going to give me lots of momentum going into 2016 to try to move mountains or at least some manageable rocks.

What is your support trifecta?

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