Going Off the Grid and Taking a Digital Detox

Are you shaking because you have not checked Facebook in an the hour or two? You may be in need of a digital detox. The new trend to unplug from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. is catching wind, and super intriguing.  You may have recently heard about Darla Bunting, the brave woman who is taking a year off from social media, and she has a significantly large following to boot. You can read about it here.

I am a digital enthusiast, love making connections and seeing how a new idea post or campaign can spread like wild fire and go viral. There are tangible engagement results, real outcomes and many success stories. Social media is powerful. So powerful 1.28 billion people use Facebook on a regular basis! Hell I am one of them. But here is where I take a hard long pause; the excessive blurred line of reality.  Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, PhD, technology expert and author of The Distraction Addiction, shares some common signs you need a break, and notes “When you start crafting your life to be more Twitter- or Instagram-friendly, it’s time to step back. Thinking about where you’ll go or what you’ll do with an eye to how it will appear on social media undermines your ability to be yourself,” he adds.

So just when you are about to plan your next staged post, here is something else to consider, a digital detox retreat! What you say, a retreat? That sounds very kumbayish. It may be, but Levi Felix, founder of Digital Detox, has actually set up a camp that helps people go off of the grid for four days. He also explains that everyone can work to unplug daily even if they don’t want to take an entire year, month or week off. Sounds doable right?

Aside from the research and obvious distractions that come with the social landscape, there is something very powerful and positive. Creating a place to share inspirational stories, motivate others, and simply make a difference. And there is nothing fake about that!

So what are you going to do? Plan a short detox? Please comment and let me know your thoughts before I go off the grid (but only for a little while). I promise to share how it goes after I come back. Don’t forget to “like” it.

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