Revealing The Truth Behind Your Social Presence

Which vacation photo did you choose to post to Instagram this summer? The one that shows your kids crying as they hit the last mile hiking up a mountain? Maybe the moment they were in the back seat of a car losing their minds screaming that they want to go home? Or the serene top of the mountain view, peaceful, beautiful and calming? I know what I chose! The perfect picture of course. Billions of social posts a day are putting on the filter, but what if you told half your story?  Larz did just that by starting her social media movement #halfthestory, an awareness campaign that aims to have people show their true identify that is not revealed through their social media channels.

There are so many reasons to love this movement. As you read through the countless stories it is a an inspirational bucket of content, with entrepreneurs and small business promotion peppered in, including positive healthy endeavors. You know…more countless blogs like this one! There is also a simplicity to it, where followers write short affirmations supporting the movement,  quotes, and snippets of a reality you don’t see behind their posts. Even better adolescents/millennials seems to have  caught on, and it’s no wonder given Larz herself is a whopping 21 years old.  I can only hope by the time my son has a social presence telling his story (luckily no selfie kissy faces, thank God I have a boy) this catches on even more. But no matter what age, we all are guilty as charged for portraying an all too perfect picture of lives.

So when your scanning your Instagram feeds, and want a daily dose of some truth behind social media go ahead and follow #halfthstory, and maybe even choose to tell yours.

What is half your story? How do feel about this movement?

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