The Benefits of Surviving a Big Change

“Time does not stand still and either should you.”  “If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.”

Fear has the the ability to paralyze a path to move forward and progress.  Some people need a kick in the butt, mine was a life event which to this day has fueled a constant craving for change.   The day the divorce papers were filed was when I hit the submit button and applied to a new job. Nothing was under my control, but this decision was.  I had been in my current role for whopping five years with some variations in responsibilities,  however this new gig was going to push me out of my comfort zone.  Not to mention I was about to go through one of the top five most stressful life events, one I was not prepared for in any shape or form. Flipping my world on it’s head in every facet seemed a bit crazy, and I questioned how I was going to handle it all.  Currently working from home full-time, allowing daily flexibility to manage a household and my two year old son. I had the ability to have dinner made, laundry kept up, zero commute time and the sweet ease of tapping into a daily wardrobe of ball caps and workout clothes. Managing work and life was quite simply.. manageable!  This new role was going to bring me back into the office, engage with new people, force me to shower in the morning and market a product.  There were plenty of days when I was an emotional wreck, sleep deprived,  juggling lawyers, realtors, a house on the market, mounds of paperwork, and keeping my game face on when my world at home was a hot mess. But I was doing it, surviving and thriving.

Seven years later, the decision to hit the apply button, in the midst of juggling a tornado of shit has in fact accelerated my career, but it’s more than that.  You see, there is something to be said about taking on a bit more than you think you can chew, while the weight of the world is crashing down on your shoulders. It will inevitably propel you forward in all aspects of your life. The desire to constantly learn and change across the board becomes part of who you are. A year will go by and it won’t feel normal to not try to do something different.  Looking back that defining moment to stop being scared and take a chance has opened up other opportunities in the last  7 years. Four different jobs,  yes I say this with pride, even though latest interview thought otherwise (it’s 2016 people)!  Managed a team, moved homes twice, changed school systems, conquered half marathons, adventurous hobbies, and blogging! It is far from easy, some decisions are struggles, others victories, there’s always low’s, but the ability to make the change that my friends is LIVING. So, if something is holding you back, fear, guilt, worry, just remember that “time really doesn’t stand still and neither should you,” and you may surprise yourself and reap the benefits!

Are you thinking about making a change?  Have a story about a defining moment where you made a scary leap? I would love to hear it!



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