Something’s Got To Give, Kick Starting a Unique Nonprofit

It was the weekend ritual of grocery shopping, rushing to get in and out of the store and onto the next chore. Ready to check out the cashier grabbed my stop and shop card to swipe, the final step I love to see how much my bill decreases.  Then she asks, “would you like to donate a dollar to the food bank?” Without even thinking I say yes, half hazardly hit the button to select the dollar amount, and rush out of the store in a mad dash to make the next weekend commitment.  I am one of those people, the one who says yes. Yes at Petco to add a few bucks for Dog Star Rescue when I have already racked up my bill on pet toys, and tick remedies. Yes to scrounging up a dollars-worth of spare change for my son to put coins into the bucket at the entrance in Walmart and watch them spiral to the end for children. Yes to donate to breast cancer at any retail store.  Why? It’s a no brainer, simple, I don’t miss the small nominal amount, and usually leave feeling good about giving back no matter how big or small.

Fast forward to this weekend where I was running the same errand, skimming through my phone while waiting in the deli line, and in comes an email from Dollar Giving with a receipt thanking me for my monthly donation to a local cause I had selected from their list of campaigns @ Dollar Giving is a nonprofit that is trying to break some ground in Connecticut crowdfunding to meet attainable causes for other local nonprofits and change lives. It is micro-funding at its best!  

The email filled my heart with love and hope reminding me of the homeless family in Hartford who will finally have a table to eat dinner at and more than one mattress so they don’t have to all share a bed a night.  And the veterans at South Park Inn who served just as my grandfather did that will receive much-needed shelter and get help to accomplish their goals. Still waiting for my turkey at the deli, I click the link in the receipt curious to see the status of the campaign’s goal and take a moment to share on Facebook to spread the word. Why?  For the same reason I don’t think twice about giving at my local stores when they ask at check out.  It is simple, secure and takes seconds.  But it is even more than that, I am part of something special, kick starting a new movement to impact lives by taking the next step to share and inspire others to do the same.  I know where my dollar is going, can follow along on each journey, and truly make an impact right here in my own back yard.  I believe this because I am part of the Dollar Giving team, and looking for a little more inspiration, stories to tell, and positive experiences to share. Something’s got to give. Will you? Visit to learn more, donate, follow, and share @Dollar Giving on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Already visited Dollar Giving? I want to know what you think!  Which cause did you support and why? 


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